A Complete Guide To Using Giraffetools Pressure Washers In Home

by Blake

Giraffetools pressure washers are quite safe to use for any purpose nowadays. When people are living at a place on a regular basis, it gets old and dirty. To get a healthy and hygienic environment, it is necessary to clean the place where you are living. Homes are your primary place of comfort, therefore you should be responsible for cleaning them on a regular basis. Giraffe Tool’s pressure washers come with amazing functionalities to help you clean the home effectively.

Giraffetools pressure washers are helpful in removing dirt of the most resilient nature. If you are also planning to buy a high-quality pressure washing machine, you can read this guide for amazing guidance. You can also contact us through our website to consult with our experts regarding the best giraffetools pressure washer.

Most Common Giraffetools Pressure Washer Technical Terms

Before buying any product, it is always necessary to know about its technical terms such as specifications and features. The giraffetools pressure washers also come with some technical terms that you must know. The technical terms of giraffetools pressure washer are listed as under


PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It denotes the intensity of pressure that water exerts through your giraffetools pressure washer. The higher the PSI of your giraffetools pressure washer, the higher will be the cleaning results.


GPM stands for gallons per minute. It denotes the volume of water that is dispensed by your giraffetools pressure washer per minute.

Giraffetools Pressure Washers Different Sizes

Choosing the right size for your giraffetools pressure washer matters a lot just like choosing the right quality. Based on the type of task size, there are various sizes that a giraffetools pressure washer possesses. You can select different sizes of giraffetools pressure washers for different scales of justice tasks. Some of the most common sizes of giraffetools pressure washers are listed as under :

Light-duty Giraffetools Pressure Washers

It has a pressure level of less than 2000 PSI. You can use this sized giraffetools pressure washer for small deck cleaning or small areas in your houses and outdoors.

Medium-duty Giraffetools Pressure Washers

The PSI range of a medium-duty pressure washer is 2000 to 2800 PSI. This one is ideal for cleaning your fencing, driveway, siding, and walkway.

Heavy-duty Giraffetools Pressure Washers

The PSI range for a heavy-duty Giraffetools pressure washer is 2900 to 3300 PSI. This one is ideal for heavy-duty tasks in large-sized areas.

Giraffetools Pressure Washers Different Nozzles

The nozzle of your giraffetools pressure washer determines the angle at which you target the water dispensing from your giraffetools pressure washer. Different angles of water can hit the surface differently. Just like choosing the right size, choosing the right angle and nozzle also matters for the perfect cleaning of your space.

Some of the most common nozzles with their specific angles are described as under :

Red Nozzle With Zero Degree Angle

The narrowest and the most dangerous nozzle if not used properly. You should not use this nozzle close to your targeted area otherwise it can cause damage.

Yellow Nozzle With 15 Degree Angle

This nozzle is considered an ideal nozzle for washing and cleaning concrete surfaces in your homes. You should keep in mind that this nozzle can cause damage to soft materials such as wood.

Green Nozzle With 25 Degree Angle

This size is considered the best for general cleaning and washing purposes around the house. You can also use it for siding, deck, furniture, and car washing.

White Nozzle With 40 Degree Angle

This one is known as the most user-friendly size of nozzle for your giraffetools pressure washer. It is ideal for window washing.

Black Nozzle With 65 Degree Angle

This size has a quite low pressure that can’t even remove the dirt to clean a surface.

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